Heeellllooo! I'm Savannah.

Savannah, like the city in Georgia. Nope, I haven't been there yet.

I am a self-taught photographer from Denver; born & raised but I love to travel & see new places. Us Coloradoans are always outdoors; in the summer time I'm usually camping & fishing. I'm not like a regular Bulldog-mom, I'm a cool Bulldog-mom. 

I would describe myself as a natural light specialist, using the neutral tones & textures around me to make every photo light & airy. I favor the love & laughter in everyday life & give direction instead of posing my couples. I started my own business after spending a lot of time with other photographers & fell in love with intimate weddings & elopements. I truly just love love. I learned so much & still use every technique they taught me. My goal is to one day give my passion of photography my undivided attention.

I met this handsome fella in a high school math class, we met on the first day & have been obsessed with each other ever since. I'm inspired by my own love story, which is a great help in telling yours. I really put myself in your shoes--I feel your butterflies & even cry your happy tears. 

I have such a strong emotional attachment to every wedding & elopement that I photograph, I feel so honored to be a part of such a special day. I understand that these moments are crucial & make sure every detail is perfect. You can never redo this day & for every couple that has booked their wedding with me, I am eternally grateful. 

My one piece of advice for my brides is to not go "cheap" with their wedding photography! You get one chance--24 hours to live this day. After, the dress will be preserved in a box, the flowers will wilt, the food & cake are gone, the only thing you have left are the photos. Remember Monica & Chandler's wedding? The first thing they did was have the photos developed. 

I'm always ready to talk details over some coffee--timelines are super important. I'm booking into 2019 already (holy crazy, by the way..) Make sure I have your date available! I can't wait to tell your love story!

photo credit: @shanst.clair