Let's save us both some time.

"Do you have a second shooter come with?"

More often than not! My husbabe actually took courses for photography in school & has taught me so much. 

He second shoots for me at most of my events & is actually amazing! If you don't need a second shooter, he might just come with me for emotional support & because my equipment is heavy af.

& to carry my Chapstick of course. ;)

"Do we pick the photos you edit?"

Nope! I take so many of the same shot, so when I say, "Oh! I took over 4000 photos, you'll probably see around 1000 of them. I give you all the goods--edited, gorgeous & ready to go! Let me say it louder for the people in the back--you get only the highest quality photos! I want you to have as many as possible, there is no limit to the photos you receive. I'm certainly not going to do anything with your finished album.

Other than blast you all over my social media so other people can see how adorable you guys are. 

"What does your pricing include?"

Depending on the price--I include anywhere from 6-12 hours of coverage & average about 70 photos per hour. 

I arrive just as you're about done getting ready & depending on the hours you choose--I leave either after your grand sparkler exit, or once the cake cutting & dances are over. 

"Can we do an engagement or boudoir shoot?"

Uhm, H E C K  Y E S. :)

Both of these are offered as a la carte options & priced individually. 

Most of these shoots are about an hour to two hours long & average to about 100-150 photos--again; edited, gorgeous & ready to go! 

Ask me how you can have your engagement session fo' freeeee, I'll tell yah!

"Can we do a walk through of my venue before the date?"

I request it! If your venue doesn't offer a walk through, I go about a week in advance & scope it out. If you're eloping, this might not be easy to do but we'll figure it out. I also ask to meet with you & your fiancé as the date comes closer so we can put together a list of the must-have shots & back-up plans. 

Not to mention it's probably been a while since we met up last & chances are I really just miss you! 

"How much is a deposit?"

One pretty amazing thing about being my own boss, is that I don't have to be strict on the rules! Weddings are super expensive & I want to help make it easier on you.

I have some brides who pay in full up front, some who make a deposit & then small monthly payments & some make larger monthly payments with no deposit. Money down isn't the only thing that holds your date; a signed contract does! 

view a sample of my wedding contract agreement